Marodijeh International University (MIU) has designed three courses in the English language for basic, intermediate, and diploma courses. This is intended for students who want to improve their academic and business English proficiency in today's competitive world.


Students can choose from a range of full and part-time MIU qualifications at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of ENGLISH COURSES. Our awards are linked to the framework for higher education qualifications in both the England and American curriculum. Some of our courses also lead to professional qualifications on either campus site, visiting at a client work place, or workshop on requested schedules. These courses develop confidence and enhance English proficiency in communication, reading, writing, and conversational skills. They also introduce students to different styles of English and special terms from their own field of study. 

Furthermore, consistent with its mission, MIU is committed fully to improve the English proficiency among its student and other adult learners including social workers, non-governmental organizations, local government staff, and other government officials. All lecturers are proficient and well –versed in English programs that improve literacy skills. These courses are designed for twelve months.

 Morning, Afternoon & Evening Classes are available!

The program will begin in February, 2015. For any additional information, please contact MIU at 252-2-572727 / 0633800003