Graduate Programs / Master Programs

The Marodijeh International University MAs are interdisciplinary programs which aim to study contemporary issues from national, regional and international perspectives. These interdisciplinary MA programs are designed to train students for positions in governments (central and local) and national/international organizations (non-profit and private sectors). 


MPP is a one year interdisciplinary program focusing on the interconnection between national and international policy in order to understand issues shaping government and international institutions. This program aims to give students the analytical and practical skills to understand the logic of policy-making processes. MPP focuses on Urban Policy, Governments Policy and Non-profit Policy.

700 Academic English

701 Contemporary Theories in Public Policy

702 Governance, Institutions and Public Policy

703The Policy Process

704 The Social Context of Public Policy

705 Public Policy and Political Environment

706 Urban Policy

707 The Political Economy of Public Policy 

708 Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy

709 Non-Governmental Organisation and Public Policy

710 Public Policy and Private Investment

711 Policy Development

712 Public Interest and Policy

713 Public Policy and Environment

714 Government and Public Policy

715 Research Methodology


MIDS is a one year interdisciplinary program providing students the opportunity to study the complex issues facing national and international organizations in the field development studies. This program prepares students to enter the workplace by providing them with critical perspectives of international development as well as giving them professional skills. MIDS offers students the opportunity to study in three fields: health, immigration (with a special focus on TAHRIB) and regional integration.

500 Academic English

501 Understanding Development

502 Post-colonial Theories

503 International Political Economy

504 Research Methodology I

505 Development Issues in the Horn of Africa

506 Civil Society and Development

507 Livelihoods, Resource and Development

508 Special topics in Gender and Development

509 Research Methodology II


510 Project Management for International Development

511 Conflicts, Transition and Peace

512 Project Facilitation and Evaluation

513 Globalization and Social Movements

514 Development and Regionalism

515 Development and Political Environment

516 Project Proposal

517 Thesis/Research Paper



MBA is a one year program offering students the opportunity to study public and private governance. This program focuses on two fields: Human Resource and Governance. MBA aims to equip the students with the best theoretical and practical knowledge on management and governance available in Somaliland and beyond.


600 Academic English

601 Contemporary Theories in Management

602 Multicultural Management

603 Leadership

604 Management and Political Environment

605 Human Resource Management

606 Industrial Relations

607 Negotiation and Conflict Management

608 Not-for-Profit Management

609 Organisational Dynamics and Change

610 Communication

611 Business Research Methodology

612 Marketing

613 Contemporary issues in Management

614 Management and Cultural Environment

615 Managerial Accounting

616 Project Proposal

617 Thesis/Research Paper


One (1) year (4 semesters)


English. Students must be proficient in English.


Bachelor degree

MIU welcomes students interested in international issues with a background in any academic field.



Deadline: 25 February 2016

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